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About Us

The Sport and Religion Research Alliance (SRRA) constructs its foundation on the belief that the relationship between sport and religion (including spirituality) is the subject of considerable academic and public interest. The primary purpose of the SRRA is to promote the scholarly study of religion and sport through teaching, research, and education/training as a unit in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (KRSS). Moreover, the creation of the SRRA provides a mechanism for formally consolidating the scholarly efforts of faculty who began in 2008 as the Sport and Religion Research Group.

We embrace the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the intersection of sport, religion, and spirituality. We also view the empirical study of this and related subject matter as a vital element of our lived experience and existence. The intellectual capital generated by the center will serve as a springboard for both scholars and practitioners. Our transdisciplinary position should facilitate the formation of connections between several essential perspectives (i.e., administrative, cultural, psychological, philosophical, religious theological, historical, and sociological) and encourage a milieu of methodological approaches.

As an integral facet of the center, we aspire to foster a culture that emphasizes the importance of understanding the spiritual, moral, and ethical dimensions of sport as well as maintaining a commitment to the practical and applied convergences of sport and religion, including the broader concept of spirituality. The center respectfully acknowledges the value of all world religions and no religion, as well as the infinite interpretations of spirituality and their respective intersections with the practices, values, and institution of sport.